Electronic Skies

At a young age I always lacked the ability to describe in enough detail the many things I have seen through my life, not until I was in my twenties, when I got my first Halena 110 camera.  It was now that I could capture the best bits, while conforming to that call of duty and pleasure when special events arose.

No sooner had I been using the Halena than I wanted the next step up in camera history.  Family and friends were going out and being a fashion victim by acquiring the ultimate technological equipment that they could lay their hands on.

From 110 it went onto Mobiles with their 3 to 4 megapixel Cybershot quality snaps, and after Mobiles it was the turn of the harder, more versatile and compact Personal Digital Camera [PDC].  Admittedly, I have joined the race to acquire the best High Resolution equipment that my money can buy, which unfortunately isn’t a lot.  I work today with Fuji Finepix Z that is a suitable 10 megapixel that has a built-in Xvid Recorder and a 1 gig XD Card.

For most of my life taking photographs, I have discovered most of the collections are those of Clouds, Sunrise, Sunset and other interesting angles that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a picture of.  With more than 90% of these pictures being from around my home village of Walton in Wetherby, North Yorkshire.

It is only a few days since I decided to put these photographs up on a blog, and I guess that when you see them for yourselves, you will see them for what you believe them to describe and title.

Welcome to Electronic Skies: Photography Of The Skies, my name is Marcus Kasabian De Storm, and this is my exclusive collection of “Clouds & Skies”.  Please feel free to leave a comment on the works contained in and around the site,your feedback matters.